5 – 8 Sept. 2021, Bonn, Germany Virtual conference 

GA – The 69th Annual Meeting 2021
Title: Utilization of pomace oil production by-products to produce olive bioactive-specific enriched extracts and in-depth chemical characterization thereof.
By Siderakis V., Bata E, Michailidis D, Svouraki A, Stathopoulos P, Skaltsounis A-L

October 2021, Virtual conference 

The 9th Panhellenic Conference of the «Greek Lipid Forum»: «Current Trends in the Lipid Sector»
Title: Production of innovative and high nutritional value cheese products, enriched with bioactive extracts of olive by-products
By Bata E, Kokkinou I, Nastos C, Papaefstathiou G, Stathopoulos P, Skaltsounis A-L.